2 Feet

above sea level

Created to mimic the ocean meeting the shore, this piece focuses on the interaction and unity of various elements- the sand and the sea, furniture and fashion, and positive and negative space. I wanted to be able to push the boundaries between these elements, adding an aspect of tranquility to the overall object.

This dress was created with hand-dyed rings of chennile fabric and mesh, and was placed on a simple pine stool, which stands 2 feet above the ground.

The process included a lot of planning, hours of experimentation with the saturation of dyes on the fabric and creating a simple, functional, and elegant stool. With a final diameter just over 10 feet long, this project taught me how to creatively solve problems on the go, to work with material constraints, and how to better attach my own thoughts and ideas into my work.

Digital plans and renders of the object

Creation Process